Do you ever get goosebumps when you stand in a place where people have lived or walked hundreds or thousands of years ago?

I do.

I look for the magical feeling not only when I visit museums, but also in ruins, gardens, and even prehistoric caves. I have to thank my nomadic inheritance for that.

Traveling is my passion, especially to places tied to legends and folklore that I can include in my stories. I write contemporary fantasy, with a touch of romance, where relatable characters are twined in mystified worlds based on myths, magical civilizations, and historical monuments.

An avid reader of romance, fantasy, and paranormal novels, I am also a lifelong writer: a poet as a child, a fairy‐tale teller as a teenager, and now a fiction writer. My work includes short stories (paranormal mysteries), flash fiction (fantasy/magical realism), and novels (in the editing stage).

My love for storytelling started at a young age, thanks to my great‐aunt, Nanna, who told me stories while teaching me how to knit. In my ears, knitting rhymes with storytelling. One scarf, one story. Now, to call my muse, I weave my yarn and vice versa.

I currently reside in the United States where I dedicate half of my time to writing. When I am not writing (or reading), I teach modern languages to college students and open their eyes to new cultures.

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