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August 2023: Time to Do What Makes Me Happy

Last month, it was time to follow my own star, and it led me straight to this month’s motto, do what makes me happy. You guessed it right; it’s going to be all about writing and stories.

My writing adventure on Thread continues… I challenged myself to post every day about the stories I am crafting, and so far, so good. I met new writers that also share about their writing updates. To be surrounded by like-minded people, despite being in different parts of the world, is a great feeling.

I’ve had many careers in my life, but the one I enjoy the most is being an author. So this month, I am shifting my identity to a happy author identity.

I learned the concept of identity shift from Joanna Hennon, a soulsmart—a term she created—lifestyle guide and a word witch who helps people live a more intuitive-led life. She encouraged me to maintain a higher-vibrational mindset and notice the difference, if any.

I am always open to try new things. My curiosity sometimes gets me into trouble (as showed by the scars on my legs from childhood), but I still love learning and experimenting. So, I took on the challenge and began the High-Vibe Experiment.

The change I’ve already grasped is that rising my vibration helps me push dark thoughts away and focus on gratitude and wellness. So, I call it a win. But, let’s give it thirty more days, shall we?

In next month’s update, I’ll let you know how it worked, how my new “happy author identity” treated me, and what amazing changes happened.

What about you? What are your plans for this month? I hope you get to read and relax, even for an hour a day.

Until next time, read and succeed!

Soleah K. Sadge

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