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December 2023: Time to Be Limitless & Shine Your Light

And another year is about to wrap up! I hope yours was eventful, with wins and lessons. Remember, either you win or you learn. We need both to have a fulfilling life. So, it’s time to celebrate! Share what you are celebrating with me in the comments, or send me an email here. I’d love to hear it and celebrate with you!

I’ve been busy since the end of the year.

Writing Endeavors

I am editing a novel that is dear to my heart with my “Brilliant Editor.” Set in magical Morocco, among the ancient medinas and kasbahs, the story is coming together!

I can’t wait to finish the outline and start drafting. Stay tuned! (If you want to be the first to hear updates, scroll down and join S.K. Sadge’s Readers Club.)

Amazing Communities

My Facebook group, “Help for Authors, Writers, and e-Publishers,” is growing. I love our community, and if you are interested in creative or therapeutic writing, join us here!

One of my first editors, Victoria Griffin, just launched Inkbury, a free platform that helps writers and readers connect! I am so glad I started reading and reviewing books again. If you are looking for a virtual book club where we can meet and discuss books, come join me at “Books with Friends.”

100 Authors Project

I’ve been selected to be part of a wonderful project: the 100 Authors Project.

This is the project’s scope: “100 authors across genres, chronicling their daily lives as American writers. Our goal is to document the daily journey of an author’s life, from the most mundane to eureka moments, in finding the perfect word to explain an emotion. The final product, upon completion, will be included in the curated collection of diaries at the American Diary Project.

Don’t forget: you win or you learn… The month is not over yet. We have all the time to shine even more light in our part of the world, be creative, and feel limitless!

Until next time, read and succeed,

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