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July’s Works in Progress

I’m starting a fresh adventure!

(No, no travel for me just yet. In these strange times, I believe it’s wiser to stay put. At least for a little longer. Instead of hopping in a car or plane to visit magical places, I did the second best thing: dreamt about it. Yes, I started a bucket list for all the places I’d like to visit once we are free to wander again…).

Moving on: so, for now, my new challenge are short stories! Or flash stories, or a “drabble?” I never heard the term “drabble” before… It’s basically a story in exactly a hundred words. Talk about polishing your writings and getting rid of needless words. This exercise would really help in becoming a “ferocious self-editor,” as Jerry Jenkins puts it.

At the same time as writing my first short story ever, I started a new knitting project, and now they share a title. I call both my wine soon-to-be-made Juliet Tee and my short writing piece Shelved.

Here is a sneak peek:

Shelved tells a book’s secret. A book that can’t be open. Why?

I hope to finish it soon, and share it with all of you!

Thank you for stopping by.

As always, stay safe out there, read, and succeed!

P.S.: Do you have a bucket list? What’s the first thing on it? Share it in the comments.


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