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Spring 2024: Time to March on and Create Magic

Dear Reader and Fellow Writer,

March 2024 S.T. Sage update: March on and create magic. Writing and Reading are S.T. Sage's magic

It’s already March 2024. Spring is here, and I feel it’s the start of the new year. The last two months have been like passing the threshold, and now, I can focus on my new year’s objectives, mostly writing and reading.

One word for me this year is “courage.” To be brave to commit to leaving the past behind, become softer, and more forgiving. Easier said than done, I know. But I will give it my best. According to an advice I followed, my feminine energy is begging to come out. Being brought up in a traditional family, the masculine side always dominated my professional and personal life. It served me well, but not anymore. My vision changed, so my behavior needs to follow. To help me with that, I choose to do more writing and reading.

Writing as Giving

My first focus is to write more. If you have been following me for a while, you know I have already published short stories. But I also have four manuscripts in the editing stage. I love them all, but now is the time to focus on one. So, the first “till done” date I set for myself is March 31st. Yes, it’s soon! I can do it.

Reading as Receiving

I just updated my Reading Log here on my website. What are you reading this month? Check it out if you’re curious about what I am currently reading, my reading challenge this year, and my TBR list. Perhaps we have some books in common that we could read together?

My friend and former editor Victoria Griffin started Inkbury for writers and readers. I started a Book Club there. If you want to join us, check it here and please join “Book with Friends.” It’s free. 🙂

Until next time, read and succeed,

S.T SAGE Writer and Author

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